While this is directed to my sisters and brothers of the Tompkins County Quilters Guild as the main source of quilters I know in the Ithaca area that is serviced by the Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes, anyone can join the QuACs or you can form your own team! Do you have a couple of hours to walk or run in Cass Park to raise money for the CRC?

The 18th Annual Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes Walkathon and 5K Run will be held on Saturday, October 15th at Cass Park. Registration starts at 9:00 AM, but you can also pre-register online. As several guild members are cancer patients, are cancer survivors, or have succumbed to the disease, I formed a team, the QuACs, or, Quilters Against Cancer. I've already hit guild members with the slogan: "You've heard of the WACs, now join the QuACs!" in the newsletter, but didn't press while we were all so consumed by putting on a terrific quilt show.

All the money raised by this event stays in the Ithaca area to support locals with cancer, be it monetary support or emotional and physical support. I know how ... there are not enough superlatives to describe how wonderful the guild's support has been for me, and how much it meant that I went from having just one brother and a handful of family-by-choice back in Texas to an extremely large family of sisters-by-choice, which is what you all became for me because of your care and love. Not everyone has such a stupendous support group and the CRC fills that void.

The walkers walk once around the Cass Park trail, which is approximately 2 miles and the runners (who start first) cover more area in a 5K run. The pre-registration donation fee is $25.00 for both walkers and runners, and you can purchase a T-shirt for an additional $10 or $12 depending upon the style. After the run there is a free pancake brunch for the participants and they will have several bands performing at various sites along the course!

  • You can join the QuACs online by going to the website: http://crcfl.kintera.org/faf/search/searchTeamPart.asp?ievent=480192&lis=1&kntae480192=2591B76A47E64F529B075300D4F61F94&team=4846607
  • and clicking on the "Join Our Team" link and following the steps. If you want to support the team but cannot do the walk or run, you can make a general team donation or make a donation on the home page of one of the members. Right now, this team only has one member, but I'm hoping that soon I'll just be one duck among many QuACs!
  • (I have a lot to learn about blog posts, I don't know if the above link will be an actual link or just a string of letters and numbers. Sorry if it is the latter! If you cannot access the link and want to, please email me and I'll email you a working link! You can either email me at ruth@rawquilts.com or raw34@cornell.edu Thank you!

I know, you're probably tapped out after the show and after so many pleas for donations to this or that worthy cause. I'm hoping you have enough left in you to either walk, run or donate to just one more!

And no, you don't have to wear a funny duck's-bill hat if you join! Not even sure if there are those!