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C7: Cytoreduction

35.5” H x 14” w x 12"D


Being a molecular biologist helped me navigate the often-confusing world I was thrown into when I first heard the words, "You have cancer." My panic receded as my curiosity drove me to find out more about my rare type of cancer, appendiceal mucinous adenocarcenoma. I found the structural changes in cancer cells fascinating, such as branched mitochondria and irregularly shaped cells and nuclei. Throughout this process, from dyeing the fabrics to quilting the organelles, I strove to excise my cancer and create a thing of beauty. Dedicated to my fantastic family-by-choice and exceptional doctors and nurses. Thank you!

photography by Andrew Gillis of Cascadilla Photography

© Ruth A. White

Received Second Place viewer's choice in Soft Sculpture at the TCQG Traditions & Beyond 2013 Quilt Show, October 2013.

Encounters With Cancer, Brush Art Gallery, Lowell, MA, November - December 2012. Included in the exhibit's printed catalogue.

Community School of Music and Arts Open Show, Ithaca, NY, December 2014 - January 2015.

Spun, Etui Fiber Arts Gallery, Larchmont, NY, October 2015. Included in the exhibit's printed catalogue.

Photos below are from the opening reception for Encounters with Cancer. Photography by artist.

Bend it Wright 2 on the left, C7: Cytoreduction on the pedestal and Bend It Wright 1 on the right.

C7: Cytoreduction from one angle that shows off some of the silk "nuclei" glowing in the spotlights.

A second view of C7: Cytoreduction. Bend It Wright 1 is on the right.

Yet a third view of C7: Cytoreduction with a view through one of the "mucin bubbles" (the hole in the black cancer cell at the top.)